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About us

EMA is the only UK Association exclusively for corporate in-house event planners & marketers.

The Event Marketing Association is the UK Industry Association for in-house corporate event planners and marketers. The association was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit, overseen by a committee of members and chaired by Richard Waddington, an event professional with over 30 year’s experience in the industry.

We now have over 450 members, we organise monthly events, educational workshops, represent the corporate planner through our seat on the BVEP as well as to industry media. In May, 2016 we launched EMA Scotland which currently has 60 members, our ambition is to create more regional clusters over the coming year.

Our association is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Events - To provide a forum for knowledge sharing, learning, mentoring and networking
  • Development - To be at the forefront of professionalization of the events industry
  • Standards - To promote and champion industry best practice
  • Position  - To be the industry’s voice for the corporate event world 


What differentiates us from other industry networking groups is our focus on one sector, the in-house corporate event marketers. Our commitment centres on education, learning, best practice and industry representation. We are here to represent, support and champion our members; share knowledge, expertise and experiences.

As mentioned, EMA hosts monthly events at acclaimed venues across London including The Ivy, BAFTA, Four Seasons, Spencer House, Café Royal and many more. Our membership comprises of senior corporate event marketers responsible for a wide range of international meetings and event budgets. Industry sectors include, Financial Services, Legal, Travel, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Charity and Non-profit organisations.

 Companies such as ……..

Barclays, BNP Parisbas, Societe General, KPMG, BVCA, UK Finance, Glaxo Smith Kline, Saffery Champness, UK Chamber of Shipping, Wealth Management Association, NSPCC, Cancer Research


The Future of EMA

Whilst currently London centric with over 450 members and growing, our ambition is to expand our reach throughout the UK creating membership groups and activities in other major UK cities. To achieve our ambition, we are moving towards being a content rich open platform with a member’s login area. The platform will provide an interactive virtual hub and online community which offers event industry news, insights, thought leadership, networking & discussion (online and offline), education, personal development and career advancement along with additional resources and materials to assist members in their daily work, all supported by a series of engaging and informative live events. Our target is to launch our new website mid-May.  

Our membership target is to get to 3000 within 2 years from the launch of the new platform.