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The Power of Experiential

Date: Friday 12th August 2016

Our July EMA Members’ event took place on a beautiful sunny evening at the stunning Mandarin Oriental overlooking Hyde Park. Welcomed with a glass of Champagne our members enjoyed the views from the gorgeous Loggia room ad had the opportunity to taste some home-crafted chocolates from the delicious Troffle Chocolates. Troffle have a wide range of branded chocolates with various flavour which taste as if the ingredients were just picked from the garden - fresh and real. From lemon & rosemary, through Turkish coffee & clove, to saffron & nutmeg or star anise the creativity behind the flavours and the sustainable produce is impressive.

Mandarin Oriental Refurbishment

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Keeping your audience engaged

For a company that has been around for 114 years the most important strategy remains engagement with its existing clients and keeping the excitement about the product over the years. Taking into consideration that the audience is a luxury high-end user the formula of ‘’money cannot buy experiences’’ which many industry colleagues try to incorporate appears to be non-applicable. Money can buy anything for this calibre of clientele therefore the marketing campaign and business growth strategy need to be very smart and focused on details with the aim to create a new experience with a learning outcome. Is there anything new you can present to your clients to enrich their knowledge and also develop the relationship with them. Sometimes it isn’t about the immediate commercial results and how many units of the product you will sell but about the relationship and brand awareness that has been created and which will play its role in the future.

Choosing your partners

When we discuss branding and brand awareness perception is always on the forefront of our minds and a factor to consider. How are we perceived and what do our partnerships with other brands say about us? Of course, for EMA partnerships are an important drive that should add to the experience and the membership. It is indeed important to link up to brands that have been well recognised and well established. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Similarly, for Rolls-Royce and other luxury brands being luxury, doesn’t always mean they have to partner up with only 5* acclaimed brands. Introducing a client to someone who is a craft designer of jewellery, of painting, of anything – someone who is talented and can tell you a story that will change your life or will show you a different perspective on things – that is exclusive and impressive. That created a moment to remember and hence associate the memory with the brand that provided the experience.

Ambassador programmers

In this train of thought, experiential is an endless ability to create/design bespoke experiences. To be able to achieve a greater reach though, one need people to talk about it and become the so called ‘’ambassadors’’ of the brand. Turning a client or a potential client into an ambassador is far easier than it sounds. Give them to use a Rolls-Royce for a week and make the car part of their lifestyle and they will start talking about it because it is an interesting concept and because it actually helps the potential customer to learn more about the product, to feel the product and imagine what their days would look like if they owned the product. Ambassador programmes have been very successful for marketers and they have been using ambassadors in various ways. This example above though seems to be possibly the most honest way of winning a customer.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail feels like an overused requirement in our day-to-day work as event planners. To deliver an outstanding service though we really should be able to know/learn what each one of our clients liken an and be able to create it for them. In the 21st century, nothing is impossible and every clients request should be accommodated. The detail that goes into designing each car by Rolls-Royce shows an impressive level of attention. As Milo says ‘’As our imagination is endless, so are the possibilities to create bespoke experiences’’.

Playing the long-term game

To sum this story up, experiences create memories which build recognition and awareness of the brands we interact with and this forms long-lasting relationships. Every marketing campaign is an investment in the future. The process of building a connection may take a week, a month, a year and we often shouldn’t expect to see return on investment right away. However, the relationship that has been formed and the affinity connections it has introduced us to will be bring business results in the long-term. Whether we invest in a private party for our most loyal and most winnable clients at a famous artist’s home, or we invite them and their families to a weekend retreat somewhere beautiful, we will most certainly build a wealth of knowledge about consumer behaviour and needs which can be our ace in achieving commercial success should we plan strategically with an eye to the future.