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EMA supports ICE Awards & ICE Day 2018

EMA is a proud supporter of the 4th edition of ICE Awards & ICE Day which will be held on 12th July 2018 at the Design Museum.

REgister for ICE Day 18 -

How much time do you have to think about your personal development? Always too busy to reflect on creative event ideas? How often do you take time to look back and think if only I had done that? Finding time for these so-called indulgencies is a challenge, but now you only need to put aside a few hours to find out how to do all of the above and more!  Register here

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EMA sponsored the Rising Star category in 2016 - read more about it below.

Rising Star is a category within the ICE Awards, which was sponsored by EMA. The Awards Ceremony took place on 14th July, 2016.

Q1: Big congratulations Jenny. What does this award mean to you personally?

The award means a lot to me personally, it is wonderful to be recognised for the hard work that goes into running a programme of corporate events and has enabled me to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in a short time. Being recognised by the industry as a rising star has been overwhelming but has given me a renewed confidence and drive to take every opportunity that I can to succeed in the industry. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way to achieve the results I have so far.

Q2: What is the secret to success for someone fairly new to the industry?

Having a can-do attitude is key; the industry can create a lot of hard work. Having the willingness to get involved will be appreciated by your colleagues.

Be open minded; whilst studying my degree I never thought I would be interested in corporate events, but having gained experience in this field, I am glad I took the leap to enter into this sector of the industry. When starting out, I would recommend looking for as many different opportunities as possible in a variety of sectors. Experience is the best way of increasing your knowledge and understanding of how you would like to progress in the future.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – things will go wrong; the important bit is knowing when to ask for help and identifying and solving the problem so that the delegate experience is the best it can be.

And lastly enjoy it! The events industry is an exciting, fun and evolving industry to be involved with.

Q3: What/Which projects inspired you the most to work to the best of your abilities and why?

Projects that inspire me to work to the best of my ability are the ones that are more complex to organise; one-off events or yearly reoccurring events with more intricate elements.

A recent project I worked on involved gathering 12 CEO’s from 12 different European countries and planning a week of events to showcase our industry in Scotland and to build relations between the countries. Organising the event was logistically challenging; with delegates arriving and leaving at different points throughout the week, organising dinners, entertainment and day trips with tight time schedules. The programme changed numerous times throughout the planning process but the challenge of ensuring everything was running smoothly in the run up to and throughout the event itself inspired me to work to the best of my ability to succeed in hosting the most successful event of its kind for the company yet.

Q4: What’s your biggest dream for an event you’d like to work on?

I have always admired the skill, effort and successful delivery involved in organising and hosting major international events. I would love to work and be involved in a mass participation or spectator event, major tournament or business congress. Starting with the idea generation and vision of creating a bid, pitching for a project and ensuring the project evolves to meet this vision and delivering a successful event that exceeds expectation would be a dream project.  

Q5: How do you find working as a corporate event planner and what do you think/hope the future holds for you as such?

Working as a corporate event planner is challenging but very rewarding. It is an ever changing, fast paced and, on occasions, pressurised environment - which I have grown to love and thrive in. I hope to continue developing my career, reach my full potential and keep testing out new events and finding new innovative ways to create the best and most successful events possible.