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Summary of Privacy and Cookies Notice Requirements

Most jurisdictions have laws requiring that Privacy and/or Cookies notices must appear on websites and mobile apps so that users are fully informed about what information about them is being captured and how it will be used.

UK Requirements:

All UK-facing websites, apps and similar technology deployed by BNP Paribas subsidiaries, branches and affiliates must comply with both the UK Privacy Notice Policy and UK Cookies Notice Policy.

To comply with these standards, you must display at minimum, both:

1- Privacy Notice: Link to a relevant centrally-controlled privacy notice; however there are circumstances where a bespoke privacy notice may be required.

2- Cookies Notice: If the website/ app uses cookies or similar technologies, you must also display a prominent link to a centrally-controlled cookies notice, which should appear as:

  • A prominent banner at the top of the page/ main screen with a link to the relevant centrally-controlled cookies notice. The form of the banner will depend on what types of cookies/ similar technologies are used (see the table and template below for some examples).

- Use a simple first time banner, when implied consent is required

- Use a bespoke banner with a consent box to be ticked by user (or a similar mechanism) when express consent must be sought

  • Additionally, a prominent link to a relevant-centrally controlled cookies notice needs to appear on each page.

Applicable technology

Type of Activity

Type of Consent

Cookies, web beacons, device or browser fingerprints, etc. (any technology that identifies a unique user(s) so that their behaviour can be analysed or reviewed)

Session only


Use of anonymised and
aggregated data for basic statistical analysis


Use/ analysis of sensitive
personal data (i.e. related to race, religion, political opinions, health,
sexual life, offences/ crimes, trade union membership)


Data being analysed records/
monitors the preferences and behaviours of identifiable individuals


Tracking/ monitoring


Cetrally-controlled Privacy Notices for UK sites:

Centrally-controlled Cookies Notice for UK sites:

Template for Implied Consent Banner (as detailed in the Appendix of UK Cookies Notice Policy)

“[BNP Paribas] uses cookies on this website. By continuing to use our website you accept the use of these cookies. Please see our <> for more information and to learn how to block cookies from your computer. Blocking cookies may mean you experience reduced functionality or be prevented from using the website completely.”

Note: This guidance only covers Privacy and Cookies Notice requirements for the UK, there may be additional requirements and/or disclaimers from Legal, Compliance, Branding and Communications, etc. that are applicable to you and it is your responsibility to check this.